Corporate massage

Employers who see value in promoting staff health and wellness have found that a restorative massage at work for their staff has long-term and short-term benefits to both staff and the organisation. Corporate Massage can promote relaxation and relief from stress as well as relieving muscle tension and pain common in modern workplaces. Long periods at workstations and sedentary activities can lead to muscular tension and pain, poor circulation, impaired breathing and progressive injuries, especially in shoulders, backs, necks, arms and wrists.

Offering massage is a cost-effective choice to:

  • Increase energy and enthusiasm
  • Rejuvenate and motivate people
  • Relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Increase relaxation and reduce injury-promoting tension
  • Counter stress and help people work more effectively
  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Increase blood circulation, which in turn increases mental focus and attention.

Possibly the most unrecognised benefit of providing corporate massage is the morale boost and sense of loyalty staff feel for an employer who shows they value their people and both reward staff for their work and recognise the need to support and promote good health. An added benefit for employers is the high proportion of staff that, after experiencing massage in the workplace, realise the benefits of continuing to seek health-promoting therapies like massage outside the workplace. This can lead to fewer injuries, better overall health and, therefore, better productivity and fewer lost work hours.

Nullegai Remedial Massage offers one-off sessions and regular sessions ranging from fortnightly to annually, depending on the needs of our corporate clients. Massages are provided by qualified, accredited practitioners, who have current professional indemnity insurance.

We can tailor your Corporate Massage session to meet the specific needs of your staff and your organisation: 5-, 10-, 15- or 20-minute, seated-chair, back-shoulder-neck or prone-table 1-hour massage at competitive rates (minimum session duration is 2 hours).

Principal Therapist, Greg Heard, is a qualified, accredited massage therapist with training and experience in a variety of relaxation and remedial massage therapies.

For more information or to make a booking, email or call us on 4323 4759 or 0423 428 430.

Corporate testimonial:

We run a week long writer’s camp at The Grove Studios in Somersby. 

Greg attended the camp twice during the week. Our songwriters work very long days creating music, sometimes finishing as late as 2am.

Greg’s services were integral to giving our writers the key ingredient of relaxation to start the writing day with, and we found that it was a great way to treat our writers to something that was unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable.

Matt Tanner  |  Creative/A&R Manager

Native Tongue Music Publishing Australia