I have a fairly physically demanding lifestyle. I practice martial arts and work can be physically and mentally stressful. I generally take good care of myself prior to and after exercise with stretching but over time, I get some stiffness in muscles and joints that I’m unable to stretch out. This can sometimes get in the way of things I enjoy doing and makes work that much harder.

I was recommended to see Greg Heard at Nullegai Remedial Massage by a friend when I developed a painful nerve problem in my left shoulder. I had one session and the pain was gone. I had also developed greater movement range in my shoulders.

Since then I attend Nullegai Remedial Massage on a regular basis and as a result I recover from exercise quicker, I have a greater range of motion and I carry less tension. This is something I’d highly recommend to anyone with any joint or muscle pains.

Louis Letho


I have been seeing Greg Heard now for about six months consistently and have noticed considerable changes in my body over that time. Greg spent quite a length of time initially getting to know me, and discovering what was troubling me and what other treatments I had tried to rectify the problems I was having.

The Trigger Point Therapy that he suggested was not something I was familiar with but I was willing to give it a try, and I was surprised at the almost immediate results. I have had many massages over the years with therapists using various styles and techniques, but no other massage has given me relief as quickly, and over a sustained period of time.

Massage therapy is a very personal experience, and part of the healing that comes from the treatment occurs because of the trust that exists between the therapist and the client. I have always felt respected by, listened to and validated by Greg, and as a woman it is refreshing to have such an experience given to me, which honours my femininity within the context of a professional healing environment. It is because of this that I can trust Greg to work in such a way that allows for my body to begin the process of deep healing.

Greg sees me as a whole person made up of many parts – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He works at all these levels when addressing my aches and pains, and although my body feels in much less pain after a treatment, it is my spirit that is taking in nourishment during the treatments too.

Thank you Greg for being such a professional therapist within the range of healing modalities, who truly wants to assist clients to be pain-free and healthier. Your integrity to your profession is what consistently stands out.

Linda Brown


I am pleased to be able to write a testimonial for the work of Greg Heard and his business at Springfield, NSW, Nullegai Remedial Massage.

For over 12 months I have been a regular client of Greg’s business. As an active person I have been treated for mainly sports related injuries. I have at all times found him to be very professional and to manage pain thresholds by clearly communicating his remediation practices.

I have no hesitation in returning to Greg on regular occasions for management of injuries.

As an aside, Greg and his wife Louise are highly regarded members of their community.  As principal of the local school I was very impressed with Greg’s willingness to volunteer his services to work all day at the school fete and donate the proceeds to the school’s P&C fundraising effort.

John Anderson


We run a week long writer’s camp at The Grove Studios in Somersby.

Greg attended the camp twice during the week. Our songwriters work very long days creating music, sometimes finishing as late as 2am.

Greg’s services were integral to giving our writers the key ingredient of relaxation to start the writing day with, and we found that it was a great way to treat our writers to something that was unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable.

Matt Tanner, Creative/A&R Manager, Native Tongue Music Publishing Australia